As a director and cinematographer focused on creating films that immerse my audience in
stories, I couldn't be more excited about the potential implications of VR and 360 video. I have a
deep understanding for the latest tools, techniques and languages being imagined in this new
medium and have only just begun to tap into creating films of my own. Below is the first
VR project that I've worked on and some things to keep an eye out for. 


Henry Evans is not your typical robotics engineer. At the age of forty, he experienced a brainstem stroke which left him mute and completely paralyzed from the head down. Now, Henry uses robotics and other technologies to keep him connected to the things he loves. Using virtual reality, see the world through Henry's eyes and the eyes of his robots.

Currently in post-production.
Co-directed with Sarah Berkovich.


The ability to view an event live in 360° while interacting with viewers is the future of both audience engagement and citizen journalism. In the coming months I'll begin filming experiences and live broadcasting 360° events and personal journeys on Facebook.

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